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MH & xmh: Email for Users & Programmers

1. Introduction
2. Key Parts of the UNIX Filesystem
4.2 Setting Up MH
4.3 Online Manual Pages
6.4.1 scan Format Files
6.6.1 Logging New Mail with -audit
6.6.4 If New Messages Arrive
6.7 Using MH with POP
6.8 Batch-process New Mail: autoinc
7.1.1 Making the Draft from the Template File
7.3 MH Aliases
7.4 Header Fields and Addresses
7.5.2 Draft Folder
7.8.2 Selective Replies with -nocc and -cc
7.8.3 Changing the Message Header with replcomps
7.8.5 Including the Original Message with -filter
7.9.1 Formatting Forwarded Messages
8.3.6 The cur Sequence
8.6.4 Improve rmm: use rmmer
8.9.2 Are These Two Messages Linked?
8.9.3 A Folder Full of Links Finding Stuff in a Link Folder Don't Break Links Accidentally Removing Messages
8.9.4 Links Between Users
8.9.5 Using Symbolic Links
9.1 Running an MH Command
9.3 An MH Profile, in General
9.6 Changing MH Directory Name
9.8 Defining Alternate Mailboxes
9.10.1 How the Draft Message is Built
9.10.2 The components File
9.10.3 The replcomps File
9.10.4 The forwcomps File
11.1.4 forw Filter Files
12. Processing New Mail Automatically
13.14 Changing the MH Environment
14. Tour Through xmh
15. Using xmh
16. Customizing xmh
A.2 More Information About MH
A.2.3 Usenet Newsgroup
A.2.4 Mailing Lists
B.2 History of xmh
C. Reference List
D.1 Obtaining Example Files From This Book
D.3 RFCs and Internet Drafts
D.4 MH
D.11 Explanation of autoinc
D.13 Explanation of edprofile
D.22 Explanation of rmmer
D.26 Explanation of xmhprint
E.2 xmh Reference Guide

[Table of Contents] [Index]

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