Mitch Allen

Palm webOS: Application Basics

Date: This event took place live on September 09 2009

Presented by: Mitch Allen

Duration: Approximately 60 minutes.

Cost: Free

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Video Part 1:

Video Part 2:

This session begins with an overview of the basic webOS application structure and a demo of the core SDK developer tools, and includes detail presentations on the application launch lifecycle, and Mojo controllers and methods. We'll create the initial version of News application with a single story view which will use many of the elements described in this segment including appinfo.json, sources.json, basic scene styles, stage and scene controllers, pushScene and swapScene methods among others.

This webcast can be viewed as a companion to the book, Palm webOS: The Insider's Guide to Developing Applications in JavaScript using the Palm Mojo(tm) Framework, but does not require the book, and is intended for any developer interested in building webOS applications.

Palm webOS, the webcast

This webcast series is based on the recently released Palm webOS book (Palm webOS: The Insider's Guide to Developing Applications in JavaScript using the Palm Mojo(tm) Framework), presented by its author, Mitch Allen. The webcasts in this series follow the Developing Applications for webOS: A Preview webcast (based on Chapter 1) presented in February 2009, with in-depth presentations on individual chapters in the book. Each webcast will cover concepts and background material, followed by a detailed example built using a sample application, News. Over the course of the series you will step through the construction of the complete application.

About Mitch Allen

Mitch Allen is vice president and software chief technology officer at Palm, Inc., where he provides executive-level technical leadership for Palm's software strategy. His primary focus is the establishment of Palm webOS as the leading mobile platform for web developers. As one of the earliest designers of webOS, Mitch has been a principle architect of Palm's new OS and application development framework. He is currently leading the design of the Mojo developer SDK and toolsets, and working with initial developers in their use of the platform and SDK.