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Webcast: Single Page IApps with Mule Cloud Connect
In this hands-on webcast presented by Ryan Carter author of Getting Started with Mule Cloud Connect, he will discuss the shift to this new application architecture.
Oct 2, 2014
Velocity New York
Webcast: Connecting Your Business to Web Performance: The Philips Journey
You will hear how the performance team at Philips improved the experience of their mobile website customers.

Oct 2, 2014
Patrick Wendell
Webcast: Spark 1.1 and Beyond!
In this webcast, Patrick Wendell from Databricks will be speaking about Spark's new 1.1 release.
Oct 7, 2014
Julia Elman
Front Porch is a conference on front-end web technologies for developers, designers, entrepreneurs, and managers. Its focus is on web technologies, tools and workflows, and best practices for a faster, better web.
Granada Theater
3524 Greenville Ave
Dallas, TX
United States
Oct 7, 2014 Webcast: Become a Mobile Application Performance Genius
The webcast will feature a live demo of Foglight Application Performance Monitoring SaaS Edition.
Oct 8, 2014
Velocity New York
Webcast: Infrastructure Automation is on the Menu with Chef
In this webcast, we'll present an overview of the programming language behind Chef and how you can get started using Chef to support your applications and services.
Oct 8, 2014 Webcast: Beating Billion Dollar Fraud Using Anomaly Detection
This presentation will review the approach Argyle Data has taken to develop a real-time fraud analytics application using anomaly detection at scale building on open source technology developed at the NSA (Accumulo) and Facebook (Prestodb) on the Hortonworks Data Platform.
Oct 13-14, 2014
Christopher Schmitt
CSS Dev Conf 2014
Author Christopher Schmitt (CSS Cookbook, HTML5 Cookbook) hosts the CSS Dev Conf, the first conference devoted to CSS, the design language of the web.
Hotel Monteleone
214 Royal St.
New Orleans, LA
United States
Oct 13, 2014 SQL NYC
Learn about "The Next Wave of SQL: Building Analytic Applications for Big Data with Impala". At the Stand UP NY, 236 W 78th Street.
236 W 78th Street
New York, NY,
Oct 14, 2014
Rachel Hinman
Webcast: Our Wearable Future: Opportunities and Challenges for Wearable Technology
Want to get the most out of your usability testing? In this webcast we'll put the goals together with a recipe for planning a usability test, so you can mix your own.
Oct 14, 2014 New York Apache Hadoop User Group
A meetup of Hadoop users and enthusiasts on the eve of Strata + Hadoop World 2014.
115 E 23rd St.
New York, NY,
Oct 14, 2014 Spark Night at NYC Data Geeks
Hear Sandy Ryza present on "Why is my Apache Spark job failing?"
350 Fifth Avenue
New York, NY,
Oct 14, 2014 Webcast: Hadoop Means Business: The Changing Role of Hadoop in Business Outcomes
You will hear how the performance team at Philips improved the experience of their mobile website customers.

Oct 14, 2014 Healthcare Data Happy Hour & Roundtable
As part of NYC DataWeek 2014, join us for an invite-only roundtable (and food, drinks, and networking) on the eve of Strata Conference + Hadoop World to discuss Big Data and how it pertains to the future of healthcare.
The New York Times Building
620 Eight Ave.
New York, NY,
Oct 14, 2014 SAS Visual Analytics Workshop
You’re invited to join us in New York on Oct. 14 for a half-day interactive workshop and networking reception. Meet with your peers and SAS pros to learn how to use SAS® Visual Analytics and SAS Visual Statistics to quickly analyze and explore massive amounts of complex data.
Marriott Marquis
1535 Broadway
New York, NY,
Oct 15, 2014
Skip Allums
Webcast: Designing Mobile Payment Experiences - Ten Tips and Tricks
In this webcast, we'll look at ten emerging UX design best practices for mobile payment interactions.
Oct 15, 2014 Startup Showcase at Strata + Hadoop World
The Startup Showcase at Strata + Hadoop World is a chance for the best data startups to demonstrate their innovations to a packed room of investors, entrepreneurs, journalists, and potential employees. Our panel of judges will choose three companies from among the finalists, selecting those whose technology, team, and offering stand apart from the rest.
Javits Center
655 W 34th Street
New York, NY,
Oct 15, 2014 Apache Hive Meetup
The next NYC edition of the Hive User Group Meetup is happening on October 15 at 6:30pm. The format will be a series of short talks followed by un-conference style sessions and networking.
1500 Broadway
New York, NY,
Oct 15, 2014 Apache Sqoop Meetup
Hey Sqoop users, let's meet up during the Strata + Hadoop World 2014 conference in New York in October (Oct 15-17).
Huffington Post
770 Broadway
New York, NY,
Oct 15, 2014
Tom Coffeen
Webcast: The 3 Things You Must Know About IPv6 Address Planning
In this webcast you'll learn the 3 things you absolutely must know about IPv6 address planning to make both your plan and your IPv6 adoption effort a success.
Oct 15, 2014 Market Tech 2014 - Game of Smarts
A changing of the guard is under way. A single, overarching capital markets megatrend into which all others lead. Make your priority lists, but the prevailing themes all lead here. Cloud, managed services, Big Data, solid state storage, security, Hadoop and other open source developments, standards, social media – you name it; all of these themes play a role in helping the trading community become smarter. At MarketTech 2014, industry…
Grand Hyatt New York
109 East 42nd Street
New York, NY,
Oct 15, 2014 NYC Apache Pig User Group
It's been a while since we got together, but we've got a great talk lined up during this year's Strata + Hadoop World.
United States
39 West 13th Street
New York, NY,
Oct 15, 2014 Apache Kafka NYC Meetup
Gwen Shapira of Cloudera and Eric Sammer of Scaling Data are featured speakers. At Tapad, Inc. offices at 60 Madison Ave, 3rd Floor.
60 Madison Ave, 3rd Floor
TBD - Check back at URL
New York, NY,
Oct 15, 2014 Apache HBase NYC Meetup
The good folks at Google NYC are up for hosting an HBase Meetup on the night before Strata/Hadoop World starts.
United States
76 Ninth Ave.
New York, NY,
Oct 15, 2014 PyData NYC - Inaugural Meet up Event
PyData - NYC is proud to host our first meet up at Bloomberg LP's offices at 731 Lexington Avenue. The meet up will feature the CEO of Continuum Analytics, Travis Oliphant, most notably as the primary developer of the NumPy package, and as a founding contributor of the SciPy package. He is also the author of the definitive "Guide to NumPy". Travis will be joined by other featured speakers on…
Bloomberg LP
731 Lexington Avenue
New York , NY,
Oct 15, 2014 BetaNYC's BetaTalk - Best of Code for America Summit (#CfASummit)
The Code for America summit (#CfASummit) is an annual collection of smart government and civic technology practitioners. For this BetaTalk, we have invited NYC’s #CfASummit attendees to share their insights, highlights, and reinforce the local connections made across the continent. This night will feature NYC's #CfAsummit attendees reporting back on what they learned and the insights they derived.
Microsoft Civic
641 Avenue of the Americas
New York, NY,
Oct 16, 2014 Hadoop Hustle in Central Park
Cloudera invites you to join our 1st annual Hadoop Hustle during Strata + Hadoop World 2014. We'll start in front of Jazz at Lincoln Center (by the entrance to The Shops) at 6:30 am SHARP! Finish at the same location around 7:30 and receive a $5 Starbucks card and commemorative travel mug* * We'll need you to REGISTER in order to have a gift card and mug for you!
United States
10 Columbus Circle
New York, NY,
Oct 16, 2014
Jonathan Stark
Webcast: Responsive Web Design Bootcamp
Follow along as Jonathan demonstrates how simple it is to package a responsive web app to run natively on 10+ platforms using cutting edge tools from PhoneGap, Mozilla, Twilio, Pebble, and more.
Oct 16, 2014 Apache Sentry User Meetup
Join us for the Apache Sentry meetup on the evening of 16 October during Strata + Hadoop World 2014 in New York.
TBD - check back at URL
TBD - check back at URL
New York, NY,
Oct 19-19, 2014
Clarissa Peterson
Clarissa Peterson at HOW Interactive Design Conference
Author Clarissa Peterson (Learning Responsive Web Design) presents "Designing Responsive Websites."
Hyatt Regency
151 East Wacker Drive
Chicago, IL
United States
Oct 22, 2014
Luis Pedro Coelho
Webcast: Penalized Linear Regression in Python
In this webcast, learn how to use Ipython notebooks and scikit-learn to explore a dataset with different forms of regression and how to choose between them for your specific problem.
Oct 22, 2014
Velocity New York
Webcast: Lies, Damn Lies, and Metrics
This webcast talk covers common blind spots in instrumentation and metrics setups. It also tries to help inculcate a mindset that cares about real-world results rather than the dubiously accurate numbers showing up on a web page.
Oct 23-23, 2014
Laura Klein
Laura Klein at Startup Marketing Conference
Author Laura Klein (UX for Lean Startups) on a panel about Lean User Experience Design.
Charles Schwab HQ
211 Main st
San Francisco, CA
United States
Oct 23, 2014 Webcast: Get More Value out of Multiple Hadoop Data Centers
In this webcast, we'll examine how to get the most out of your multi-data center Hadoop investment.
Oct 28, 2014 Webcast: Get Up and Running with Joomla 3!
Whether your converting from a older Joomla version or starting a new Joomla 3 website, Ron Severdia and Jennifer Gress will guide you through an overview of the process for installation, migration, and template updates/customizations.
Oct 28-28, 2014
Jesse Cravens
Jesse Cravens at FOWA Boston 2014
As early as 2005, Jesse began to focus on JavaScript and the evolution of the web browser as an application platform. In 2007, a contract position with a large, insurance company began a journey of leading projects with a focus on complex UIs in Fortune 200 enterprises. Throughout the years, he has tackled some of the most common challenges presented by implementing ambitious web UIs in enterprise environments: lack of…
Seaport Boston Hotel
1 Seaport Lane
Boston, MA
United States
Nov 4, 2014
Jeff Harrell
Webcast: Kraken.js - Bringing Open Source to the Enterprise
In this webcast led by Jeff Harrel, you'll learn the story of how we changed our enterprise culture and started giving back to the open source community.
Nov 5, 2014
Jeff Gothelf
Webcast: Lean UX: Aligning Business, Design, and Technology
Jeff Gothelf, author of Lean UX, will share his points of view on how pragmatism anchored in your organization's unique reality trumps the purity of process doctrine. Jeff's talk will be followed by a moderated Q&A session.
Nov 5, 2014
Christopher Schmitt
UX Futures Summit
Christopher Schmitt (HTML5 Cookbook, CSS Cookbook) hosts an online conference that considers the future and inspire you to design for the future, and to design the future itself.
Nov 6, 2014
Mark Lavin
Webcast: Creating Enriching Web Applications with Django and Backbone.js
Django and Backbone are two of the most popular frameworks for web backends and frontends respectively and this webcast will talk about how to use them together effectively.
Nov 6, 2014
Christopher Schmitt
Sass Summit
Christopher Schmitt (CSS Cookbook, HTML5 Cookbook) hosts the Sass Summit about the CSS preprocessor. Sass Summit is ideal for those wanting to know about the state of Sass and deep dive the features that make our workflow easier: from building style guides, coding complex RWD layouts, and much more.
Nov 7, 2014
Laura Busche
Webcast: Lean Branding: 15 Hacks to Create, Communicate & Sell Your Startup's Brand
In this webcast, Laura Busche, author of Lean Branding, will share 15 tactics to build your very own high-converting, dynamic brand.
Nov 9-11, 2014
Thomas A. Limoncelli
Tom Limoncelli at Usenix LISA 2014
Author Tom Limoncelli (Time Management for System Administrators) will be teaching tutorials and giving presentations.
Sheraton Seattle Hotel
1400 Sixth Avenue
Seattle, WA
United States
Nov 11, 2014
Rob Larsen
Webcast: Navigating the Uncertain Web
This webcast will show you how to approach compatibility in a nimble way and will help you to solve problems confidently when you're faced with the web's uncertainty.
Nov 11, 2014
Matthew Kirk
Webcast: Sentiment Analysis Using Support Vector Machines in Ruby
Join us for this webcast where we'll go detecting sentiment in tweets using support vector machines.
Nov 12, 2014
Sameer Farooqui
Webcast: Spark + Cassandra: Technical Integration Details
This webcast will cover an architecture deep dive around how the Apache Cassandra database integrates with the Apache Spark computation engine.
Nov 13, 2014
Jeff Mesnil
Webcast: Using Messaging Protocols to Build Mobile and Web Applications
In this webcast, we will take a look at messaging concepts and present two simple messaging protocols, STOMP and MQTT to build simple mobile (iOS) and Web applications.
Nov 13, 2014
Matt Frisbie
Webcast: What Lies Ahead for AngularJS
This webcast takes a code-level look at some of the recent framework modifications, as well as upcoming changes and additions expected in the 2.0 release and beyond.
Nov 14, 2014
Marc Rochkind
Webcast: Building Your First Chrome App
Even if you have minimal JavaScript experience, you can create powerful Google Chrome Apps with conventional HTML web technologies.
Nov 14, 2014
Peter Bell
Webcast: GitHub Flow - Easy Collaboration via GitHub
In this webcast you'll see how easy it is to use GitHub to collaborate on new features with your development team.
Nov 18, 2014
Peter Morville
Webcast: The Architecture of Understanding
Peter Morville draws from his new book, Intertwingled, to reveal how everything is connected from code to culture.
Nov 18, 2014 Webcast: Data Hiding — A look at the Latest Techniques and Countermeasures
This webcast will highlight some of the latest research of the 21st century involving data hiding techniques over the network and with data-at-rest.
Nov 19, 2014
Nate Cooper
Webcast: Building a Website with WordPress
In this quick overview we'll talk about what WordPress is and isn't. You should get a good sense of why WordPress might be a good fit for your next website project.
Dec 3, 2014
Steven Feuerstein
Webcast: Coding Therapy for Software Developers
In this webcast Steven will address and offer an intensive coding therapy session (including couples therapy, dream therapy, game theory, and shock therapy) to help all attendees come to grips with their innate, unavoidable "issues", making it easier to write better code — and help others on their team write better code.
Dec 4, 2014
John Russell
Webcast: Getting Started with Impala - Interactive SQL for Apache Hadoop
You can write, tune, and port SQL queries and other statements for a Big Data environment using Impala, the open source, MPP SQL query engine for Apache Hadoop.
Dec 9, 2014
Mahmoud Parsian
Webcast: All-vs-All: Correlation Using Spark/Hadoop
The webcast covers Pearson and Spearman correlations implemented in Spark/Hadoop.
Dec 10, 2014
Velocity Europe Conference
Webcast: Getting Started with Performance Testing
Hot on the heels of the publication of his book The Art of Application Performance Testing, second edition, Ian Molyneaux will give a high level overview of the essential elements of effective performance testing.
Dec 11, 2014 Webcast: Designing Voice Interfaces
This webcast led by Tanya Krajlic and Timothy Lynch will address the technical building blocks of, and the fundamental design considerations behind voice interfaces.
Dec 16, 2014 Webcast: Discussing Design: The Art of Critique
Adam Connor will describe how to give, receive, and act upon feedback while confidently guiding your projects through beneficial feedback loops.
Dec 17, 2014
Velocity New York
Webcast: Using Promise Theory to Improve Digital Service Quality
This webcast we'll introduce Promise Theory as a methodology that can help us deliver continuous service quality in environments characterized by complexity, uncertainty, and change.
Dec 17, 2014 Webcast: Rebels with a Cause: Creating Positive Change at Work
In this webcast you will learn how to rock the boat at work and create positive change, without hurting your reputation (or losing your job).
Jan 8, 2015
Pamela Pavliscak
Webcast: Data-Informed Design
This webcast walks through how to identify the data that means the most to user experience and how to use it to make smart decisions about design.
Jan 14, 2015
Ayah Bdeir
Webcast: The Internet as Material: Empowering the Next Phase of Connected Hardware Innovation
In this webcast, Ayah Bdeir will talk about how we can democratize the Internet of Things and enable 8 year old kids, corporate executives and professional engineers alike to understand, recreate and most importantly innovate in their connected world.