Ted ClaypooleTheresa Payton

Are You Naked Online?

Date: This event took place live on October 07 2010

Presented by: Ted Claypoole, Theresa Payton

Duration: Approximately 60 minutes.

Cost: Free

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You are exposing yourself every day online. You probably don't know how naked you are and how much sensitive information you display. Learn about the many ways you show yourself to others, what naughty bits they learn about you and what you can do to cover sensitive places. Learn who is straining to peek at you and how those peeping toms profit from your private information.

Worse yet, you are also exposing your family and your business to the harsh light of day.

Theresa Payton, online security consultant and former Chief Information Officer at the White House, and Ted Claypoole, privacy lawyer and co-chair of the American Bar Association's Cyberspace Privacy Subcommittee will walk you through the internet's house of mirrors, exposing your vulnerable spots and unwrapping the best strategies for online privacy.

About the Presenters

Theresa Payton is the CEO of Fortalice®, LLC a security, risk and fraud consulting company. Prior to founding Fortalice, she was the Chief Information Officer for the White House under President George W. Bush's administration. She was the first woman to hold that position Theresa's knowledge of internet security and privacy issues started during her long technology and operations career in banking. Theresa recently attended the US Army War College National Security Seminar. She is Emeritus Faculty for the Security Executive Counsel. She currently holds a Top Secret clearance. She is regularly sought out by business and government to assist them with addressing internet threats. She speaks at several business and consumer focused forums and venues about how to become a cyberwarrior to protect yourself and your assets. She also hosts a weekly segment on Charlotte WBTV CBS called "Protecting Your Cyberturf".

Ted Claypoole is a Member of Womble Carlyle Sandridge and Rice in the Intellectual Property Transaction group in Charlotte, and the leader of its Privacy and Data Management Team. He has long been charged with internet privacy issues as in-house corporate counsel for CompuServe and as assistant general counsel for Bank of America. Ted has served on a U.S. Justice Department computer crimes task force and the Information Protection Committee for the Banking Industry Technology Secretariat. He is the co-chair of the American Bar Association's Cyberspace Law Privacy and Data Security Subcommittee, and has presented biometric and corporate security talks at the RSA Conference in San Francisco.