Adam Kocoloski

Scaling Out CouchDB with BigCouch

Date: This event took place live on October 22 2010

Presented by: Adam Kocoloski

Duration: Approximately 60 minutes.

Cost: Free

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A common complaint raised by CouchDB skeptics is that "it doesn't scale," by which they mean it does not scale horizontally across many servers. This feature is necessary if CouchDB is to be used for Big Data problems. Cloudant has recently released BigCouch, its native horizontal scalability layer for CouchDB, as an open source project. BigCouch allows you to create clusters of CouchDBs that are distributed over an arbitrary number of servers. This talk will cover the basics of BigCouch, including deploying and managing your first CouchDB cluster, as well as some advanced features like quorum reads/writes and design patterns for distributed couchdb. Finally, for the erlang hackers out there, we'll discuss the internals of BigCouch, which will hopefully allow you to start contributing back to the project.

About Adam Kocoloski

Adam Kocoloski has been a CouchDB committer since the summer of 2008. He also serves as CTO of Cloudant, which offers CouchDB-as-a-Service, hosting, management, and support for BigCouch clusters. Adam is a recovering particle physicist who was recently awarded his PhD from MIT. When he's not keeping the code flowing at Cloudant he enjoys spending time with his 18 month old daughter.