Benjamin Young

PHP and CouchDB

Date: This event took place live on November 17 2010

Presented by: Benjamin Young

Duration: Approximately 60 minutes.

Cost: Free

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PHP developers generally use MySQL, but the rise of NoSQL databases has opened up new options for creating web apps. CouchDB's unique replication feature set and easy API make it a great fit for PHP developers looking to move into a NoSQL database. This talk will cover the basics of the CouchDB HTTP API and how to use it from PHP with and without helper libraries. We'll discuss some architecture approaches and briefly look at things to avoid when moving from an RDBMS to a Document Database such as CouchDB.

About Benjamin Young

Benjamin Young has been working his way through technologies for the last decade, gradually moving from ASP to Apache Cocoon to PHP to Apache CouchDB. His search for a "tangible" data store with a user friendly API has landed him at CouchOne where he works on User Experience design for applications using CouchDB. Prior to joining CouchOne, he was principle at BigBlueHat where he developed BlueInk, a PHP/MySQL CMS which he is now porting to CouchDB. His other PHP/MySQL experiences include many custom applications for Intranets and mobile devices, five years with the dotProject development team, and a development team member with web2project, the dotProject fork.