Paul Barry

Paul's Python Pearls

Date: This event took place live on December 09 2010

Presented by: Paul Barry

Duration: Approximately 60 minutes.

Cost: Free

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Over the past quarter century, Paul Barry has used lots of different programming languages on lots of different platforms. In this webcast, Paul discusses what it is about his current favorite language--Python--that makes it a stand-out programming technology for him. Paul discusses those Python features that are "pearls", in his opinion. You may not agree with all of Paul's picks, but we hope you'll find Paul's discussion interesting, enlightening and maybe even entertaining. And, of course, as this is an O'Reilly webcast, you're invited to the party, too, so come along and have your say.

About Paul Barry

Paul Barry lectures at the Institute of Technology, Carlow as part of the Department of Computing & Networking, where he specializes in open source scripting technologies, web development and computer networking. Paul is also a Contributing Editor to Linux Journal magazine, for whom he'd write a lot more articles if only he didn't spend so much time writing technical books. His latest book--part of the popular O'Reilly Head First series--is Head First Python, which is designed to help non-Python programmers get up-to-speed with Python and its technologies as quickly as possible. Previously he wrote Head First Programming (co-authored with David Griffiths), which teaches programming concepts to new programmers using Python 3 as the demonstration language. Paul's two other books are based on Perl (and are published by Wiley).