Abraham MurrayChris Palma

Inside Google eBooks: The Platform, Partners and Titles

A TOC Webcast

Date: This event took place live on February 03 2011

Presented by: Abraham Murray, Chris Palma

Duration: Approximately 60 minutes.

Cost: Free

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Google eBooks is a device-agnostic e-commerce platform that helps publishers, authors and retailers reach new, connected readers. Two months since launch, what does Google eBooks mean to you? Test your know-how, refresh your memory and learn the latest about the web reader, apps, retail and reader trends from Google. The fact-filled presentation will be followed by a lively and interactive Q&A session.

About the Presenters

Abraham Murray is a product manager on Google's Books team. He works on multiple Books products, including Google Editions and Metadata. Prior to Books he worked on Google Maps where he launched the US Voter Info product to answer user questions around [where do I vote] for the 2009 elections.

Chris Palma is Strategic Partner Development Manager for Google, where he is responsible for Google Books partnerships in the Western U.S., India, Australia, and New Zealand. The Google Books Partner Program now has over 30,000 publisher partners world-wide, representing over 2 million full-text books discoverable from the Google index in over 70 international domains.