Blake Meike

Concurrent programming in Android

Date: This event took place live on September 29 2011

Presented by: Blake Meike

Duration: Approximately 60 minutes.

Cost: Free

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Until quite recently, mobile platforms were a pretty safe place to run concurrent programs. Since they had only a single, simple processor, even programs that took completely unsafe liberties were still likely to run without error, most of the time.

With the advent of processors like the Cortex-A5, though, this is changing. The multiple threads of an Android application may actually run concurrently or share data through a multi-layer cache. Incorrectly synchronized code is more and more likely to fail in weird ways that are very difficult to debug. Fortunately, the Android system has several tools to help the developer manage concurrent processes.

This webcast is designed to familiarize engineers actively engaged in Android development with Android's concurrency tools. We will discuss some of the ground rules for concurrent programming, discover some of the potential pitfalls, meet a couple of the Android tools and work a couple of examples.

About Blake Meike

I'm an engineer with more than 30 years of experience, much of it with Java. I've built systems as large as Amazon's massively scalable AutoScaling service and as small as a pre-Android OSS/Linux based Java-like platform for cell-phones. I'm currently deep in Android.

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