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The Evolution from Private to Public: Is There Privacy in the Digital Age?

Date: This event took place live on October 28 2011

Presented by: Jim Adler, danah boyd, Terence Craig, Natalie Fonseca, Heather West

Duration: Approximately 60 minutes.

Cost: Free

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Sponsored by: O'Reilly authors, Terence Craig & Mary Ludloff, "Privacy and Big Data"

Moderator: Natalie Fonseca, Co-Founder and Executive Producer, Privacy Identity Innovation

It is safe to say that the digital age has fundamentally changed all our lives. Certainly, it has given us the ability to share more information with more people (and more companies) than ever before. The explosion of personal information is fueling new data-driven business models, calling into question how we think about what's private and what's public. In this webcast, a leading group of privacy panelists explore how the line between private and public is blurring:

  • The evolution of the public (versus private) persona.
  • The upsides and downsides of living a more transparent life.
  • What our expectation of privacy should be in the digital age and what responsibilities companies have to protect personal information.

Join the panelists as they consider the evolution from private to public: how are our worlds colliding in the digital age?

About Jim Adler

Jim Adler is the Chief Privacy Officer and General Manager of Data Systems at Intelius. As part of the Executive Leadership Team, Mr. Adler is the chief consumer advocate for the company and responsible for the data systems that power Intelius' products. Mr. Adler is a national leader on privacy, cryptography, and security and speaks frequently on these issues. He has testified before the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), US Congress, National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), and spoken at leading academic institutions.

Prior to Intelius, Mr. Adler served as President and Chief Technology Officer at Identity.net, an Internet company giving consumers control of their online identity and reputation. From 1998 to 2005, Mr. Adler was the founder and CEO of VoteHere, a pioneer in the development of private and secure electronic voting, both online and offline. Under his management, VoteHere's groundbreaking cryptographic technology resulted in more than 50 issued patents, and deployed that technology for more than 15 million voters worldwide. Mr. Adler is a co-inventor of patents related to cryptographic voting and digital signatures. Mr. Adler received his B.S. with High Honors in electrical engineering from the University of Florida and his M.S. in electrical and computer engineering from the University of California, San Diego.

About danah boyd

danah boyd is a Senior Researcher at Microsoft Research, a Research Assistant Professor in Media, Culture, and Communication at New York University, a Visting Researcher at Harvard Law School, and an Adjunct Associate Professor at the University of New South Wales. Her work examines everyday practices involving social media, with specific attention to youth engagement, privacy, and risky behaviors. She recently co-authored Hanging Out, Messing Around, and Geeking Out: Kids Living and Learning with New Media. She co-directed the Youth and Media Policy Working Group, funded by the MacArthur Foundation. She blogs at http://www.zephoria.org/thoughts/ and tweets at @zephoria.

About Terence Craig

Terence is CEO and CTO of PatternBuilders, a Big Data Analytics solutions and services company. He has an extensive background in building, implementing, and selling analytically-driven enterprise applications across such diverse domains as enterprise resource planning (ERP), professional services automation (PSA), and semi-conductor process control and analytics in both public and private companies. Terence is also a speaker, blogger (on all things big data and analytics plus lots of other stuff), and co-author of "Privacy and Big Data." Never shy to share his opinion, Terence had this to say during a round table discussion at pii2011 about big data information collection that was used to break down the door of an innocent family: "It used to be that it took weeks to accumulate that data. Now technology allows stupid people to be stupid much faster."

About Natalie Fonseca

Natalie Fonseca is the owner of SageScape, a privately held company she founded in 2003 that specializes in producing executive-level conferences for the technology industry. Her clients have included The Wall Street Journal, Guidewire Group, Fawcette Technical Publications, Future US and Inman News.

She is the co-founder and executive producer of Tech Policy Summit and the Privacy Identity Innovation conference, which debuted in 2006 and 2009 respectively. She also develops the conference program for Inman News' Data Summit and Real Estate Connect and writes a weekly column called Startup Scene for Inman News.

Prior to starting SageScape, she held a variety of editorial and marketing roles in Silicon Valley. She received a bachelor's degree from UCLA in communications studies and was recently named a Privacy by Design ambassador by the Information & Privacy Commissioner of Ontario. You can follow her on Twitter at @TechPolicy.

About Heather West

Heather West is a policy analyst at Google, focusing on privacy, identity, and transparency in their Washington, D.C. office. Currently, she is working on mobile issues, Do Not Track, and identity policy.

Previously, she was at the Center for Democracy and Technology, focusing on privacy, identity, open government, and malware. There, she led the efforts on governance for digital identity systems.

Prior to CDT, she worked in the MIT Humans and Automation Lab, and research and development in the telecom industry. Heather received a B.A. in computer science from Wellesley College.