Alistair Croll

O'Reilly Strata Online Conference

Moving to Big Data

Date: This event took place live on December 07 2011

Presented by: Alistair Croll

Duration: Approximately 2 hours.

Cost: Free

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Recorded Sessions:

Part 1: Top-down: What CEOs Can Do to Accelerate Data Mindsets

Part 2 - Web Analytics: The Enterprise Gateway Drug to Big Data?

Part 3: Take a Lesson from the Research World

Part 4 - Is it Still Big Data if it Fits in Your Pocket?

Part 5: How Will Deep Q&A Impact the Use of Analytics in Business?

Part 6: How to Get There from Here: The Road to Enterprise Data

Everyone buys in to the mantra of the data-driven enterprise. Companies that put data to work make smarter decisions than their competitors. They can engage customers, employees, and partners more effectively. And they can adapt faster to changing market conditions. It's not just internal data, either: a social, connected web has given us new firehoses to drink from, and combining public and private data yields valuable new insights.

Unfortunately for many businesses, the information they need is languishing in data warehouses. It's accessible only to Business Intelligence experts and database experts. It's encased in legacy databases with arcane interfaces.

Big Data promises to unlock this data for the entire company. But getting there will be hard: replacing decades-old platforms and entire skill sets doesn't happen overnight. In this online event, we'll look at how Big Data stacks and analytical approaches are gradually finding their way into organizations, as well as the roadblocks that can thwart efforts to become more data-driven.