Kyle Simpson

Advanced HTML5 JavaScript: Down 'n Dirty

Date: This event took place live on January 24 2012

Presented by: Kyle Simpson

Duration: Approximately 60 minutes.

Cost: Free

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One of the most exciting aspects of HTML5 is the addition of many helpful and powerful JavaScript API's. Some are attached to presentational elements (<canvas>, <video>, etc), and others are deeply rooted in JavaScript developer land (localStorage, Web Workers, etc). This webcast will explore various advanced JavaScript API's in the context of how to weave them all together into a multi-player web-based game. Topics include: <canvas>, History API, localStorage/sessionStorage, appCache, Web Sockets, Local Files, Web Workers.

About Kyle Simpson

Kyle Simpson is a JavaScript Systems Architect from Austin, TX. He focuses on JavaScript, web performance optimization, and "middle-end" application architecture. If something can't be done in JavaScript or web stack technology, he's probably bored by it. He runs several open-source projects, including LABjs, HandlebarJS, and BikechainJS.