Kord Davis

An Introduction to Ethics of Big Data

Date: This event took place live on February 16 2012

Presented by: Kord Davis

Duration: Approximately 60 minutes.

Cost: Free

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Ethics of Big Data is about finding alignment between an organization's core values and their day-to-day actions in a way that balances risk and innovation. As Big Data brings business operations and practices deeper and more fully into individual lives, it is creating a forcing function that raises ethical questions about our values around concepts like identity, privacy, ownership, and reputation. How we understand those values and align them with our actions when innovating products and services using Big Data technologies benefits from a framework that provides a common vocabulary and encourages explicit discussion.

The material will address the intersection of ethics and Big Data; what it is and what it isn't. Specifically, how to approach and generate dialog about an abstract subject with direct, real-world implications. A general framework for talking about ethics in the context of Big Data will be introduced.

Aspects include:

  • Direct relevance to your data handling practices
  • How Big Data is influencing important concepts including identity, privacy, ownership, and reputation
  • Ethical Decision Points
  • Value Personas as a tool for encouraging discussion and generating agreement and alignment between values and actions
  • Balancing the benefits of Big Data innovation and the risks of harm

The webcast will present key concepts from the forthcoming book Ethics of Big Data

About Kord Davis

Kord Davis is a former Principal Consultant with Cap Gemini and has spent nearly 20 years providing business strategy, analysis, and technical consulting to over 100 organizations of all sizes including: Autotask, Microsoft, Intel, Sisters of Mercy Healthcare, Nike, Bonneville Power Administration (BPA), Northwest Energy Alliance (NEEA), Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Western Digital, Fluke, Merix, Roadway Express, and Gardenburger. Integrating a professional background in telecommunications and an academic background in philosophy, he brings passionate curiosity, the rigor of analysis, and a love of how technology can help us do the things we really want to do better, faster, and easier. A formally trained workgroup facilitator, he holds a BA in Philosophy from Reed College and professional certifications in communication, systems modeling, and enterprise transformation.

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