Ian Griffiths

Managing Complex Asynchrony with the Reactive Extensions (Rx)

Date: This event took place live on August 22 2012

Presented by: Ian Griffiths

Duration: Approximately 60 minutes.

Cost: Free

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In webcast number two in the series Ian Griffiths, author of Programming C# 5.0 discusses Asynchronous systems and their complexity. The new language features for dealing with them in C# 5.0 are only half of the story: library support is also essential. The Reactive Extensions for .NET (or Rx, as they're usually known) use simple but well thought out abstraction for representing streams of events and subscribers. These are the basis for an extensive and powerful set of operators for using, processing, combining, and orchestrating streams of events from multiple independent sources. These include all the standard LINQ operators, which is why Rx is sometimes known as LINQ to Events, but it has a much larger repertoire than any other LINQ provider. Don't miss this informative webcast presentation.

About Ian Griffiths

Ian Griffiths is an independent WPF consultant, developer, speaker and Pluralsight instructor and a widely recognized expert on the subject. He lives in London but can often be found on various developer mailing lists and newsgroups, where a popular sport is to see who can get him to write the longest email in reply to the shortest possible question. Ian maintains a popular blog at https://www.interact-sw.co.uk/iangblog/ and is co-author of "Windows Forms in a Nutshell" and of "Mastering Visual Studio .NET".