Jonathan Zdziarski

Hacking and Securing iOS Applications

Date: This event took place live on May 03 2012

Presented by: Jonathan Zdziarski

Duration: Approximately 60 minutes.

Cost: Free

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In this webcast, Jonathan will demonstrate a number of ways to manipulate the runtime of App Store applications using free, open source tools. You'll see how application security is breached, how application logic is changed, and how, as a developer, to better secure your code through demonstration and discussion.

We'll be demonstrating attacks against a popular picture vault application in the App Store, how Pandora is attacked to obtain free skips, and how a virus can be written to infect applications to steal user credentials as the owner of a device is using their favorite financial applications. Don't miss this informative presentation.

About Jonathan Zdziarski

Respected in his community as an iOS forensics expert, Jonathan is a noted security researcher and author of many books ranging from machine learning to iPhone hacking and software development. Jonathan frequently trains many federal and state law enforcement agencies in digital forensic techniques and assists in high profile cases. Jonathan is also inventor on several US patent applications, father of DSPAM and other language classification technology, an App Store developer and is currently employed as Sr. Forensic Scientist at viaForensics. Follow Jonathan on Twitter: @JZdziarski