Jonathan Zdziarski

Jonathan Zdziarski

Areas of Expertise:

  • iPhone
  • spam
  • machine-learning
  • algorithmic theory
  • forensics
  • hacking
  • security
  • consulting
  • speaking
  • programming
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  • writing
Jonathan Zdziarski is considered, worldwide, to be among the foremost experts in iOS related digital forensics and security. As an iOS security expert in the field, Jonathan’s research into the iPhone has pioneered many modern forensic methodologies used today, and has been validated by the United States’ National Institute of Justice. Jonathan has extensive experience as a forensic scientist and security researcher specializing in reverse engineering, research and development, and penetration testing, and has performed a number of red-team penetration tests for financial payment processors, government agencies, and the military. Jonathan frequently consults with law enforcement agencies / military on high profile cases and assists federal, state and local agencies in their forensic investigations, and has trained many federal, state and local agencies internationally. Also an author for O’Reilly Media, Jonathan has written several books related to the iPhone including iPhone Forensics, iPhone SDK Application Development, iPhone Open Application Development, and his latest book, Hacking and Securing iOS Applications.

Hacking and Securing iOS Applications Hacking and Securing iOS Applications
by Jonathan Zdziarski
January 2012
Print: $39.99
Ebook: $33.99

iPhone SDK Application Development iPhone SDK Application Development
by Jonathan Zdziarski
January 2009
Print: $34.99
Ebook: $27.99

iPhone Open Application Development iPhone Open Application Development
by Jonathan Zdziarski
Second Edition October 2008
Print: $39.99
Ebook: $31.99

iPhone Forensics iPhone Forensics
by Jonathan Zdziarski
September 2008
Print: $39.99
Ebook: $31.99

iPhone Open Application Development iPhone Open Application Development
by Jonathan Zdziarski
March 2008
Ebook: $31.99

Ending Spam Ending Spam (No Starch)
by Jonathan Zdziarski
June 2005
Print: $39.95

Webcast - iPhone Forensics: Live Recovery of an iPhone 3G[s]
September 16, 2009
In this webcast, Jonathan Zdziarski will demonstrate the latest forensic method to conduct a live recovery of an iPhone 3G[s]. He will also demonstrate how to remove the device's pass-code and encrypted backup password.

Webcast - iPhone Forensics: Performing a Live Recovery Over USB
June 09, 2009
In this webcast, Jonathan Zdziarski, author of iPhone Forensics, will guide you through an overview of his latest technique to recover the live user disk from an iPhone.

Webcast - iPhone SDK Development: Tapping into Apple's New Audio Foundation Class
March 12, 2009
The AVFoundation framework was introduced in version 2.2 of the iPhone SDK, and provides functionality for playing and mixing sound files, metering, and basic audio control. If you're adding simple sounds to your application, this framework can be implemented...

Webcast - iPhone Forensics 101: Bypassing the iPhone Passcode
September 11, 2008
In this live webcast, iPhone hacker and data forensics expert Jonathan Zdziarski guides you through the steps used by law enforcement agencies to bypass the iPhone 3G's passcode lock by creating a custom firmware bundle. This live presentation is aimed...

Webcast: Getting the iPhone Open Source Tool Chain
April 03, 2008

Webcast: iPhone Forensics Demonstration
April 17, 2008

Webcast: Hacking and Securing iOS Applications
May 03, 2012
In this webcast, Jonathan will demonstrate a number of ways to manipulate the runtime of App Store applications using free, open source tools.

"I had an absolute blast reading this book. What I liked most about the book is that it got down to the knitty-gritty details really fast...If you’re curious with tinkering around with the internals of iOS or if you’re an application developer looking to secure your application, you’ll definitely find this book useful. All in all, I highly recommend this book to any developer or security professional."
--Dustin Schultz, The Xploit | Security Blog

"...a good starting place for reasonably experienced C and C++ programmers who are interested in jailbreaking their iPhone and moving away from the crowd. At worst you’ll learn just what the difficulties are."
--Jerry Pournelle, Chaos Manor

"...a profound introduction and reference for transitioning to Objective C-based iPhone/iPod touch development. It supplies you with all the necessary information, and it provides a lot of examples for achieving quick success--assuming that you have all the tools properly installed and that you already own a Mac (for development) and either an iPhone or iPod touch."
--K. Waldhör, Computing Reviews

"This book is in a completely different league from other offerings I've seen. The book is extremely comprehensive, and having so many annotated sample projects will be a boon to iPhone developers. Even experienced developers who aren't familiar with a particular framework will be able to crack open these sample apps and get very clear and concise examples. Jonathan speaks with authority, clarity, and experience, something that will definitely differentiate this book from other offerings I've seen."
--Jon Hohle

"This book is easy to use both as a reference and for a linear once-over read to familiarize myself with the aspects of iPhone programming. I like the way the sections step through each example, starting from the simplest form to the more complex form where Controllers are used for multiple views, or moving from the use of Interface builder files to custom coding."
--John Draper ("Cap'n Crunch"), longtime phone phreak and software developer

"This book proves invaluable for its chapters on the UIKit, a large part of the API that is used to build graphical apps on the iPhone. Great for beginners -- you will be able to confidently build apps that rival the ones included by Apple itself."
--Josh Content, iPhone Developer

"If you need or want to develop for the iPhone -- and you find the restrictions of the Apple SDK onerous -- you can do so today. Zdziarski's iPhone Open Application Development is an excellent place to start, both for its introduction to the platform, and for its documentation of the APIs and frameworks that make the platform run."
--Nathan Willis,

"I see this book being a great tool for the person who wants to write their own personal applications for the iPhone, and who doesn't want to live with the restrictions that Apple is placing on the use and distribution of "official" applications."
--Thomas Duff, Duffbert's Random Musings