Jonathan Zdziarski

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Jonathan Zdziarski is considered, worldwide, to be among the foremost experts in iOS related digital forensics and security. As an iOS security expert in the field, Jonathan’s research into the iPhone has pioneered many modern forensic methodologies used today, and has been validated by the United States’ National Institute of Justice. Jonathan has extensive experience as a forensic scientist and security researcher specializing in reverse engineering, research and development, and penetration testing, and has performed a number of red-team penetration tests for financial payment processors, government agencies, and the military. Jonathan frequently consults with law enforcement agencies / military on high profile cases and assists federal, state and local agencies in their forensic investigations, and has trained many federal, state and local agencies internationally. Also an author for O’Reilly Media, Jonathan has written several books related to the iPhone including iPhone Forensics, iPhone SDK Application Development, iPhone Open Application Development, and his latest book, Hacking and Securing iOS Applications.