Peter Tyson

Dwarf Fortress: Design and Engineering, Minecarts, and Learning to Love to Lose

Date: This event took place live on August 17 2012

Presented by: Peter Tyson

Duration: Approximately 60 minutes.

Cost: Free

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Dwarf Fortress may be the most complex video game ever made, but all that detail makes for fascinating game play, as various elements collide in interesting and challenging ways. In this interactive event, Peter Tyson, the author of Dwarf Fortress presents tips on:

  • Fortress design
  • Fortress management
  • Engineering
  • The military
  • Minecarts

About Peter Tyson

"Peter Tyson is a human born in 1975 in New Zealand. He is the oldest son of Ron Tyson and Ann Tyson. In the Summer of 1996 Peter became a student at Auckland University. In the Summer of 1999 Peter became a student at Victoria University. In the Spring of 2000 Peter became an Analyst at Datamonitor. In the Spring of 2002 Peter became a Community Manager at Codemasters. In the Autumn of 2005 Peter became an Administrator in the New Zealand Government. In the Summer of 2008 Peter married Laura. In the Winter of 2009 Peter wrote popular tutorials for Dwarf Fortress on his blog, In the Winter of 2011 Peter was struck by a Strange Mood.

In the Summer of 2012 Peter wrote "Pasubabo Thrathdad Teme", "Getting Started with Dwarf Fortress", a legendary wood-pulp paper bound book. The written portion consists of 180 page guide to the game Dwarf Fortress entitled "Getting Started with Dwarf Fortress". The writing is lighthearted with moments of humor.

In Summer 2012 "Getting Started with Dwarf Fortress" was stored in O'Reilly by the human administrator, Peter Tyson."