Lars George

Choosing Hardware for Hadoop

Date: This event took place live on August 15 2012

Presented by: Lars George

Duration: Approximately 60 minutes.

Cost: Free

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With the rise of "big data" problems comes a need for new solutions. One is Hadoop, which implements two very interesting technologies used at Google: a file system, and a processing framework, both tailor-made for "commodity" hardware. Large companies using Hadoop are building their own servers, spec'ed to meet the most cost-effective cluster configuration possible. At the same time, most of the established hardware vendors have developed their own offerings around Hadoop, combining new and existing designs to cater to customers who cannot build their own machines.

In this webcast we will:

  • Look at popular reference architectures used by companies across several business verticals.
  • Discuss their pros and cons, and their applicability to different use-cases.
  • Conclude with best-practice advise on hardware selection for Hadoop-based systems.

About Lars George

Lars George has been involved with HBase since 2007, and became a full HBase committer in 2009. He has spoken at various Hadoop User Group meetings, as well as large conferences such as FOSDEM in Brussels. He also started the Munich OpenHUG meetings. He now works for Cloudera to support Hadoop and HBase in and around Europe through technical support, consulting work, and training.