Dan Sanderson

Data Modeling for Google App Engine using Python and ndb

Date: This event took place live on October 09 2012

Presented by: Dan Sanderson

Duration: Approximately 60 minutes.

Cost: Free

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An introduction to data modeling for scalable web applications using Google App Engine, Python, and the ndb library. This talk covers features of the App Engine datastore and how to use them from ndb, including creating and manipulating entities, performing pre-indexed queries, and enforcing data integrity with transactions. It also introduces features of ndb for implementing structured data, and managing application performance with memcache, asynchronous API calls, and tasklets. Some familiarity with App Engine and Python are recommended, though no previous experience with ndb is needed.

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About Dan Sanderson

Dan Sanderson is a technical writer and software engineer at Google, Inc. He has worked in the web industry for over 10 years as a software engineer and technical writer for Google, Amazon.com and the Walt Disney Internet Group. He lives in Seattle, Washington. For more information about Dan, visit his website at www.dansanderson.com.

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