David Boyle

How EMI is Changing the Culture of the Music Industry

Date: This event took place live on January 08 2013

Presented by: David Boyle

Duration: Approximately 60 minutes.

Cost: Free

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In this exclusive webcast, David Boyle will look at how EMI changed itself, and the music industry, by moving from gut instinct and opinions to a data-informed business. He'll share how data is used to sign new artists and to help the giants, and how EMI used simple data, processes, and visualizations to encourage cultural change. He'll talk about what didn't work, and explain how and how he struck a balance between creativity and science to maintain trust and bring the employees along on the journey.

About David Boyle

David is passionate about helping people make better decisions using data. He is SVP of insight for the EMI Music Group where he setup and now oversees the team that delivers regular, large scale research to EMI in 25 countries. The insight from more than 750,000 interviews in the last couple of years has reached the heart of decision-making at EMI and helps—alongside skills and judgment—with everything from signing new artists to product development and marketing plans for EMI's biggest artists like The Beatles and Pink Floyd. He also runs insight at zeebox which is using rich consumer surveys and detailed user information to drive product development and product / relationship personalization.

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