C.J. Date

View Updating: How to Make it Work

Date: This event took place live on January 30 2013

Presented by: C.J. Date

Duration: Approximately 60 minutes.

Cost: Free

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Ever since the relational view concept was first invented, view updating has been a contentious issue. Support in today's SQL products is ad hoc and meager at best. The SQL standard is even more impenetrable in this area than it usually is. Even the research literature is weak on this topic; numerous approaches have been proposed and found wanting over the years. In this webcast presentation, by contrast, Chris Date describes a way of looking at the problem that (a) appears to be logically correct, (b) is certainly not ad hoc, and (c) works for all kinds of views. The overall message is: Views in general are just as updatable as "base tables" are! Attend this webcast and see why this isn't as extravagant a claim as it might seem.

About C.J. Date

C.J. Date has a stature that is unique within the database industry. C.J. is a prolific writer, and is well-known for his best-selling textbook: An Introduction to Database Systems (Addison Wesley). C.J. is an exceptionally clear-thinking writer who can lay out principles and theory in a way easily understood by his audience.

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