Hooman Beshti

The Best of Velocity: The 90-Minute Mobile Optimization Life Cycle

Date: This event took place live on February 22 2013

Presented by: Hooman Beshti

Duration: Approximately 100 minutes.

Cost: Free

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Join us for an exclusive, live tutorial workshop presentation from Velocity Conference 2012.

Two years ago, Velocity attendees watched as an unsuspecting website was subjected to automated optimization before their eyes in the workshop The 90-Minute Optimization Life Cycle (rated one of the top 10 sessions of Velocity 2010). This year, Hooman Beheshti is back, this time to demonstrate - in real time - the impact of advanced mobile optimization techniques on another unsuspecting website.

Over the course of the workshop, you'll witness the mobile optimization life cycle, from start to finish:

  • Taking the "Before" shot: Choosing a guinea pig site and benchmarking its current performance, focusing on load time, start render time and round trips.
  • Iterating through core best practices, including: Keep-Alive, Compression, Far Future Expiry, and Use a CDN.
  • Applying a set of advanced, automated, mobile-specific FEO techniques.
  • Taking the "After" shot: Analyzing results using different browsers.

Don't miss this exclusive re-broadcast event.

About Hooman Beheshti

With over 15 years of experience working in the networking technology realm, Hooman is well versed in load balancing, application acceleration, and content delivery networks. He previously served as the VP of Technology for Crescendo networks and the CTO for Radware Inc., where his insights and technical expertise helped bring innovative, award-winning networking products to market. A pioneer in the application acceleration space, he helped design one of the original load balancers while at Radware. Hooman's experience ranges from defining and driving the development for load balancing, web acceleration, and application delivery products, to leading the technical evangelism initiatives behind them. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the University of California Irvine.

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