Steve Souders

The Best of Fluent: High Performance Snippets

Date: This event took place live on March 28 2013

Presented by: Steve Souders

Duration: Approximately 45 minutes.

Cost: Free

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Join us for an exclusive presentation by Steve Souders from Fluent Conference 2012.

Ads, buttons, widgets - third party content is popular on today's websites. JavaScript provides a great way to mashup content from different sources. Unfortunately, in most cases each JavaScript snippet is capable of bringing down the entire site. Wha?! That's right - site outages aren't restricted to the backend, they happen on the frontend, too. Join Steve Souders as he talks about the prevalence of frontend SPOF, ways to avoid it, and a deep dive into snippet performance analysis.

About Steve Souders

Steve works at Google on web performance and open source initiatives. He previously served as Chief Performance Yahoo!. Steve is the author of High Performance Web Sites and Even Faster Web Sites. He is the creator of YSlow, one of the top 25 of 2 billion Firefox add-ons. He's created many other performance tools and services including Cuzillion, Jdrop, ControlJS, and Browserscope. He serves as co-chair of Velocity, the web performance and operations conference from O'Reilly, and is co-founder of the Firebug Working Group. He taught CS193H: High Performance Web Sites at Stanford University.

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