Nicholas C. Zakas

The Best of Fluent: Maintainable JavaScript

Date: This event took place live on April 24 2013

Presented by: Nicholas C. Zakas

Duration: Approximately 50 minutes.

Cost: Free

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Join us for an exclusive presentation by Nicholas Zakas from Fluent Conference 2012.

Maintainable JavaScript tackles the difficult problem of writing code as part of a large team. When you're writing code that only you will change, there aren't any issues. As soon as you're writing code that someone else is going to also be changing, you need to think harder about the decisions you make. Will another developer be able to understand what you did? Did you organize your code in such a way that it's easy to adapt and extend? Long after you're gone, will others be able to continue using the same code, or will it need to be rewritten because no one understands it? This session shows the best practices used by teams to ensure their JavaScript is as maintainable as possible.

About Nicholas Zakas

Nicholas C. Zakas worked at Yahoo! for almost five years, building and defining front-end strategy for some of Yahoo's largest sites. Nicholas is also the author of several books, including High Performance JavaScript, Professional JavaScript for Web Developers, and Professional Ajax.

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