Ryan Carter

Single Page IApps with Mule Cloud Connect

Presented by: Ryan Carter

Duration: Approximately 60 minutes.

Cost: Free

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The explosion of Open APIs on the Web and the adoption of APIs in the enterprise is causing a seismic shift in the way we build applications. Rather than developers writing code against a single database, applications are increasing composed of lots of different APIs.

Coupled with this shift, modern web applications are solely relying on JavaScript to render their frontend and only provide an API endpoint at their backend, resulting in a much more fluent and desktop-application-like user experience.

In this hands-on webcast presented by Ryan Carter author of Getting Started with Mule Cloud Connect, he will discuss the shift to this new application architecture and demonstrate by example to:

  • Create a Single Page IApp using Mule Cloud Connect and JavaScript
  • Build and integrate a JavaScript frontend with Mule using a REST backend.
  • Look at some techniques such as URI fragments and CORS.
  • Use Mule's out-of-the-box cloud connectors to integrate cloud-based services without custom code.
  • Authenticate these calls through OAuth without compromising your secrets.
  • Leverage Mule's lightweight orchestration capabilities to mashup multiple APIs and data sources.
  • Get Real-Time notifications from your backend to your browser.

About Ryan Carter

Ryan Carter is a Solution Architect specializing in integration and APIs. Ryan is passionate about open source and is an appointed Mule champion regularly contributing to the community.

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