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How to Boost Web Performance Using API Monitoring

A Hands-On Intensive with Experts from DELL

Date: This event took place live on July 31 2013

Presented by: Rob Dickinson, John Spirko, Andy Wahrenberger

Duration: Approximately 45 minutes.

Cost: Free

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Maybe your approach to web application monitoring is out of balance. Often the focus is on synthetics, log monitoring, and even browser instrumentation – which is enough for end user monitoring but often misses an important angle – APIs. Just not enough attention is given to API, REST and SOAP – especially as companies expand web application partner channels and mobile applications.

In this live 45 min. webcast, join Dell product expert John Spirko, Dell software engineer manager Rob Dickinson and Dell software development senior consultant Andy Wahrenberger in an exclusive webcast with O'Reilly. John discusses the attributes of a SOAP request/response pair, why URL identification isn't enough to pinpoint SOAP API issues and the two main perspectives to consider for SOAP API monitoring.

See how you can maximize website performance. Join us for this live webcast.

About John Spirko

Foglight product manager, joined Dell Software in 2001. He has presented on end user management-related topics with organizations throughout the U.S. for the last six years. John is primarily focused on providing requirements and direction for a suite of products that map business objectives to end-user behavior. He has over 12 years of industry experience as a software engineer, developer, DBA and system consultant. He holds a bachelor's degree in electrical engineering from the New Jersey Institute of Technology.

About Rob Dickinson

Dell, Software Engineer Manager Java/database architect and developer. Extensive experience building and delivering very large scale OLTP and OLAP applications, largely for startup companies with emerging products. Interests include concurrent programming, distributed systems, and web technologies.

Specialties:Java, J2EE, JBoss/WebLogic, Ant/Junit, XML/XSLT, JDBC/ODBC, MySQL, MS SQL Server, Postgresql, Oracle, Groovy/Rhino, JSP/Struts

BSEE, EE with digital design specialty, fiction writing

Architect for Dell's patent pending transacionDNA solution 1990 - 1995

About Andy Wahrenberger

Dell, Software Development Senior Consultant

Education: BS of Computer Science from the University of Cincinnati Operations Architect of responsible for the Application Hosting strategy (infrastructure [network, compute, storage], operation procedures, performance, monitoring)

20 Years of architecture, implementation, build, deployment, performance tuning of large-scale application, primarily using Microsoft .NET technologies integrating into existing infrastructure or other applications (,,,,