Richard Warburton

Simplifying Java 8 with Lambdas

Date: This event took place live on April 23 2014

Presented by: Richard Warburton

Duration: Approximately 60 minutes.

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There's a revolution calling! Lambda expressions are coming in Java 8 but how can developers benefit? We'll go through a series of code examples, that show how to:

  • Use the new lambda expressions feature
  • Write more readable and faster collections processing code using the Streams API
  • Build complex data processing systems with the new collector abstraction
  • Use lambda expressions in your own code

About Richard Warburton

Richard Warburton is an empirical technologist and solver of deep-dive technical problems. Recently he has worked on data analytics for high performance computing and authored Java 8 Lambdas for O'Reilly. He is a leader in the London Java Community and organized the Adopt-a-JSR programs for Lambdas and Date and Time in Java 8. Richard also frequently speaks at conferences, and has presented at JavaOne, DevoxxUK, Geecon, Jfokus and JAX London. He obtained a PhD in Computer Science from The University of Warwick, where his research focused on compiler theory. You can follow Richard on Twitter @RichardWarburto.