Carla Diana

Behind the Scenes of LEO the Maker Prince: Journeys in 3D Printing

Date: This event took place live on April 30 2014

Presented by: Carla Diana

Duration: Approximately 60 minutes.

Cost: Free

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Carla Diana will share research, inspiration and design work from the book, LEO the Maker Prince: Journeys in 3D Printing. LEO's story includes a number of 3D printed objects forming the basis of the narrative and offering an opportunity for readers to download and print the objects. Carla will share the process and motivations behind the project, as well as what happens when you unleash new visions out into the world and allow people to download and remix them at will.

In this webcast you will see:

  • Stories and objects that explore the ways that 3D printing will affect everyday life in the near future
  • The design process for brainstorming and concepting new products
  • Tips and tricks for modeling 3D printable objects

About Carla Diana

Carla Diana is a product designer who realizes new visions for Smart Objects and the Internet of Things. She has worked at some of the world's top design firms, including Frog Design and Smart Design, and maintains strategic alliances with a number of academic research groups. She is a member of the Georgia Tech Socially Intelligent Machines Lab, and a faculty member at the School of Visual Arts and the University of Pennsylvania's Integrated Product Design Program. She advises the group Tomorrow-Lab, a young design firm that creates electro-mechanical solutions for smart devices, and continues her work as a Fellow at Smart Design, where she oversees the Smart Interaction Lab.

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