Ethan Brown

Leveraging the Google Maps API with Express

Date: This event took place live on May 20 2014

Presented by: Ethan Brown

Duration: Approximately 60 minutes.

Cost: Free

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The Express web application framework for Node strikes the ideal balance between a robust framework and no framework at all. Express takes a much more agnostic approach, allowing developers a free hand in their architecture choices.

In this webcast we will:

  • Learn to build a simple website with Express that has integrated mapping
  • Learn to use Codio: all you need is a browser!

About Ethan Brown

Ethan Brown is a senior software engineer at Pop Art, a Portland-based interactive marketing agency, where he is responsible for the architecture and implementation of web sites and web services for clients ranging from small businesses to international enterprise companies. He has over twenty years of programming experience, from embedded to the web, and has embraced the JavaScript stack as the web platform of the future.