Darren Jones

Sinatra - Classy Web Development in Ruby

Date: This event took place live on August 19 2014

Presented by: Darren Jones

Duration: Approximately 60 minutes.

Cost: Free

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This webcast will introduce web development using Sinatra. Sinatra is a small domain specific language written in Ruby that can be used for creating web applications, APIs as well as large-scale database-driven modular sites. It is flexible, fast and stable and has a low barrier to entry.

This webcast will cover:

  • Installing Sinatra
  • Writing a one page web application
  • Responding to different HTTP verbs using route handlers
  • Capturing parameters
  • Creating a RESTful interface
  • Rendering Views
  • Using Helper methods
  • Configuration
  • Handling errors
  • Using CSS and JS preprocessors
  • Connecting to a Database
  • Testing
  • Writing Modular applications
  • Using Rack Middleware and Ruby gems to extend Sinatra
  • Deploying the application to Heroku

During the webcast we will be building a simple To Do List application to demonstrate some of the principles.

About Darren Jones

Darren Jones is the author of Jump Start Sinatra, a short book that helps you to get up to speed with Sinatra over a weekend. He's been playing around with programming and building websites for over a decade and using Sinatra since 2009. He lives in Manchester, UK where he teaches math and plays water polo.