Daniel Austin

Powering Up Your Web Performance to Delight Users

Date: This event took place live on April 30 2014

Presented by: Daniel Austin

Duration: Approximately 60 minutes.

Cost: Free

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Making your website faster is key to improving the user experience. This webcast focuses on the basics that can delight—or disappoint—your users: including usability, performance, reliability, availability and accessibility. It will help you get up and running quickly, so you can identify problems and (equally important) opportunities for improvement. You'll learn the 7 basic principles of web performance and get started with some basic testing and tools.

About Daniel Austin

Daniel Austin is Principal Architect and a member of the technical staff at Paypal, where he focuses on large-scale payment systems. In a past life, he's worked for organizations such as CERN, NASA, W3C, Sun, and Yahoo! in pursuit of making the Internet faster and smarter. He lives in Northern California.

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