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Hadoop Means Business: The Changing Role of Hadoop in Business Outcomes

Date: This event took place live on October 14 2014

Presented by: Karthik Kulkarni, Farid Jiandani

Duration: Approximately 60 minutes.

Cost: Free

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Hadoop 2.0 is getting to be the foundation or platform for most of the emerging technologies in the Big Data space driving newer trends be it In-Memory distributed applications or distributed Streaming applications including many emerging NoSQL databases aimed at the Flash or SSD storage evolving out of the commodity and cheap servers and drives,especially in the enterprise space and with more and more new applications running on the same platform with different application needs.

These emerging trends do pose newer IT operational challenges such as:

  1. Next generation distributed applications require next generation Infrastructure to really drive the SLA by multiple Lines of Business (LOB), with increasing urgency and frequency
  2. With emerging technologies such as in-memory database and compute and streaming applications, server IO bandwidth is increasing while placing higher load on network. It's crucial to improve traffic latency and throughput across the network, not just within each server.
  3. How to solve the common problems of increasing network load in a Multi-tenant shared production environment
  4. How to cater to different application needs in a data center

In this webcast, Karthik Kulkarni and Farid Jiandani will discuss new approaches to these common challenges such as:

  • Next generation BigData Infrastructure architecture to cater to the Emerging trends in BigData Applications to cater to multiple Lines of Business (LOB) SLAs
  • How Application Centric Infrastructure, next generation data center network accelerates innovation with its SDN capabilities in the Big Data space
  • Multi-Tenant Isolation: Isolating multiple Big Data jobs in a shared production environment
  • Dynamic load balancing and packet prioritization in a BigData workload

Overall, expect to learn some innovations to rapidly configure the data center fabric for dynamic BigData application needs.

About Karthik Kulkarni, Big Data Solutions Architect

Karthik Kulkarni is a Technical Marketing Engineer with role as a BigData Solutions Architect in the Data Center Solutions Group at Cisco Systems. His main focus is on Architecture, Solutions and Emerging trends in Big data related technologies and Infrastructure in the Data Center.

About Farid Jiandani, Technical Product Manager

Farid Jiandani is a Solutions Product Manager at Insieme Business Unit at Cisco Systems. His main focus is how the network can enhance the experience for Big Data customers. In a previous life, he was a Solutions Product Manager for UCS in Data Center Group. He's currently working on Architecture, Solutions and Emerging trends in Big data related technologies and Infrastructure in the Data Center.

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