Jason Krol

Rapid Prototyping Web Applications Using Node.js and MongoDB

Date: This event took place live on January 07 2015

Presented by: Jason Krol

Duration: Approximately 60 minutes.

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Let's rapidly prototype a web application from scratch in as little time as possible! Our prototype will be a fully featured interactive web application that persists data and is written with as few lines of code as possible. In this hands-on webcast you will learn how to leverage Node.js and Express.js to quickly bootstrap a web server, tie in MongoDB to persist data, and display it all using dynamic HTML templates. Finally we'll wrap it with Twitter's Bootstrap framework so it has a nice level of polish!

About Jason Krol

Jason Krol is a passionate web developer with over 15 years of professional experience in creating highly interactive web applications using the latest in both client and server technologies.

Previously, Jason spent a majority of his career working with Microsoft technologies using ASP.net and C#. Recently, he has been focusing on developing Single Page Applications using JavaScript in the full stack with Node.js, MongoDB, and Backbone.js. Jason recently authored Web Development with MongoDB and Node.js.

When not writing code for work or side projects, he blogs about his development experiences and opinions at KrolTech.com and on Twitter at @ShortTompkins. He loves spending his free time with his wife and 8-year-old son.

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