Ken Kousen

Gradle for Android

Date: This event took place live on January 13 2015

Presented by: Ken Kousen

Duration: Approximately 90 minutes.

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Google has officially moved Android development to the Android Studio IDE, which uses the Gradle build tool for all the development tasks. This improves Android app development in many ways, including testing, dependency management, and multi-module builds. Even better, it is now possible to build multiple flavors and variants of the same application at the same time. The only problem is that Gradle is largely unknown to Android developers, and experienced Gradle developers often are unfamiliar with Android.

This webcast talk will address that gap. The impact of the Gradle plugin on Android development will be demonstrated through a series of applications created inside Android Studio. Demonstrations will include customizing your build, writing and executing tests on multiple devices simultaneously, signing jars for release, creating multiple project flavors, and more.

About Ken Kousen

Ken Kousen is the President of Kousen IT, Inc., through which he does technical training, mentoring, and consulting in all areas related to Java, specializing in Android, Spring, Hibernate/JPA, Groovy, and Grails. He is the author of the Manning book "Making Java Groovy" and the upcoming O'Reilly book "Gradle for Android".

Ken is a regular speaker on the No Fluff, Just Stuff conference tour, as well as at many other international conferences. In 2013 he won a JavaOne Rock Star award. Over the past decade he has taught thousands of developers in business and industry. In addition to owning several technical certifications, his academic background includes two BS degrees from M.I.T., an MS and a Ph.D. from Princeton, and an MS in Computer Science from R.P.I.