Phil Dibowitz

Automate Code to Adapt to Customer Demand Quickly

What IT must do to make coded business a reality no matter how large or complex your organization is.

Date: This event took place live on March 18 2015

Presented by: Phil Dibowitz

Duration: Approximately 60 minutes.

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Part 3 of 6 of The Coded Business Series, produced by O'Reilly Media with editorial partner Chef

First-to-market has always been an important part of business — but what that means has evolved. It's no longer simply about producing that new cool item before the other guys. Now it also means you must be able to iterate quickly, adjust quickly for changing user tastes and adapt quickly. To be able to do this and adapt quickly, you need to develop, deploy, react, troubleshoot and update quickly. Pushing your code faster and faster means you have to be able to update and deploy infrastructure faster, which means infra/systems teams must be able to deploy faster, react faster, troubleshoot faster and fix faster.

In this training, Facebook Production Engineer Phil Dibowitz will discuss the dramatically accelerating cycle of getting features/products/release to users, and collecting and acting on user feedback. Phil will cover what IT must do to make coded business a reality today, elements of scale, and the benefits of automation, no matter how large or complex your organization is.

About Phil Dibowitz

Phil Dibowitz has been working in systems engineering for 12 years and is currently a production engineer at Facebook. Initially, he worked on the traffic infrastructure team, automating load balancer configuration management, as well as designing and building the production IPv6 infrastructure. He now leads the team responsible for rebuilding the configuration management system from the ground up. Prior to Facebook, he worked at Google, where he managed the large Gmail environment, and at Ticketmaster, where he co-authored and open sourced a configuration management tool called Spine. He also contributes to, and maintains, various open source projects and has spoken at conferences and LUG's on a variety of topics from Path MTU Discovery to X509.

Twitter: @thephild