Ken Sipe

How to scale like Twitter using containers and Apache Mesos

Date: This event took place live on June 16 2015

Presented by: Ken Sipe

Duration: Approximately 90 minutes.

Cost: Free

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Operating at web scale requires two key technologies: containerization and cluster scheduling. In this webcast, Ken Sipe, Cloud Systems Architect at Mesosphere, will present on how companies of all sizes can scale like Google and Twitter with open source tools like Apache Mesos that lets you run containers at large scale across an entire datacenter or cloud. Apache Mesos is in production use at companies like Twitter, Netflix and Airbnb where it is used to deliver web-scale, fault-tolerant, easy to deploy applications and services. In today's world where applications and data no longer fit on single machines, Mesos is the distributed systems kernel that stitches together all of the datacenter resources (machines or VM instances) into a single pool of resources from which all applications can draw. It is highly-available, fault-tolerant and increases resource utilization dramatically. Mesos provides the primitives and abstractions that allows programmers and operators to build and maintain highly complex distributed systems at scale.

About Ken Sipe

Ken Sipe is a Cloud Solution Architect at Mesosphere, focused on helping companies simplify the development and operation of large scale infrastructure and distributed systems with the Mesosphere Stack. Before joining Mesosphere, Ken lead research and development at CenturyLink cloud business unit focused on the future of cloud and data-center automation. Ken is an author and award winning international speaker on the practices of software architecture and engineering, continuous delivery practices and agile processes.

Twitter: @kensipe