Kirk Byers

Practical Network Automation Using Python and Ansible

Date: This event took place live on April 15 2015

Presented by: Kirk Byers

Duration: Approximately 60 minutes.

Cost: Free

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You were promised network automation and software defined networking. Your stark reality is a hodgepodge of APIs, screen scraping, system-devops tools, and expensive vendor solutions. You can't wait forever; you want to start automating tasks now, today. But what can you do? What steps can you take to increase the level of automation in your environment?

In this webcast, you will learn about using Python and Ansible to automate various networking tasks including configuration templating, gathering network device information, and executing bulk configuration changes.

About Kirk Byers

Kirk Byers is the owner of Twin Bridges Technology—a bootstrapped technology business in San Francisco. He teaches Python courses for Network Engineers and writes about network automation at He is a long-time network engineer (CCIE #6243, emeritus), has extensive experience with *nix system administration, and is a Python programmer. He is interested in programming and networking and how to improve network engineering practices through automation.

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