Dan Sanderson

Building Scalable Web Apps with Python and Google Cloud Platform

Date: This event took place live on April 21 2015

Presented by: Dan Sanderson

Duration: Approximately 90 minutes.

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We all know Python is well suited to building web applications. It also happens to be a great choice for building on Google Cloud Platform, Google's suite of cloud hosting services. In this presentation, Google engineer and O'Reilly author Dan Sanderson shows how to set up a Python cloud development environment, build a scalable web app using various Google services and tools, and deploy and manage a live application.

About Dan Sanderson

Dan is a software engineer in Seattle, Washington, with over 15 years of web development experience. At Google, he has worked on cloud-based developer products since the launch of Google App Engine in 2008. Dan's latest books, Programming Google App Engine with Python and ...with Java, now in two separate volumes updated for 2015, are available for pre-order.

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