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Become a Web Ops Superhero

Date: This event took place live on May 12 2015

Presented by: Mark Rudolph

Duration: Approximately 60 minutes.

Cost: Free

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"Faster than a speeding bullet" is the pace that most IT teams are expected to deliver to build, support and triage application problems. However, the pace of online business moves incredibly fast and there is a delicate balance between a company's agility (ability to adapt to the market) and stability (strong foundational technology).

Additionally, there seems to be a constant push from your marketing partners to add new technologies to give your business an edge, gain some new insight, or reach more customers. However, as an IT person, you are responsible to ensure the application is available, fast, secure, and to ensure a positive user experience.

As an IT leader, the ability for you to quickly identify issues becomes increasingly challenging when elements of the page are constantly changing. This has become more challenging over time due to the ease with which various company stakeholders can add third party code to a site, as well as the complexity of third party redirects which can call 4th, 5th, or even 6th parties to your site. How do you manage all of this and the risk to your business?

In this webinar, join Ghostery CRO Mark Rudolph and a featured client to learn:

  • How this misalignment occurred and how it is impacting your business results
  • How to use tools such as Ghostery to give you the necessary visibility and control to quickly identify what technology is on your site
  • How to make the business case to the decision makers and look like a hero

Become a superhero. We'll see you on the webinar.

About Mark Rudolph, CRO — Ghostery

Mark is the Chief Revenue Officer at Ghostery, Inc.. Most recently, Mark Rudolph was Vice President of North American Sales & Customer Success for the Gomez product line at Compuware. Prior to its acquisition by Compuware, he held a similar position as Vice President of North America Enterprise Sales for Gomez. Mark started at Gomez in 1999, and held various sales/sales management positions, and was considered a integral part of the organization which helped drive Gomez into becoming the leading external performance monitoring provider. Mark holds an MBA from Boston College, as well as a BS in Management from The Georgia Institute of Technology.

Twitter: @rudyghostery