John du Pre Gauntt

Storytelling for the Internet of Things: A systems approach

Date: This event took place live on June 11 2015

Presented by: John du Pre Gauntt

Duration: Approximately 60 minutes.

Cost: Free

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We experience our physical environments through our physical senses. But we perceive and assign value to our experiences through our relationships with people and story. This webcast explores how the Internet of Things (IoT) impacts this interplay between data and meaning when the outside world becomes an interactive desktop.

For IoT to reach its full potential, people must allow IoT technology to monitor their activities so it can learn their needs, their habits and their preferences. Therein lie the problem and the opportunity. More than just offering practical functionality, IoT products and services must convince people to integrate Big Data and Artificial Intelligence into their daily lives.

That is a storytelling challenge as much as it is an engineering challenge.

Storytelling for IoT won't be based around the best practices developed from web publishing. The Internet of Things requires both the medium and the message to adapt around a user's immediate context as she interacts with connected objects and locations. This is content acting like software rather than content acting like literature.

This webcast explores how the Internet of Things creates a new environment for storytelling that's based on systems thinking more than screen thinking. Using examples such as connected health, this webcast highlights some of the shifts required for technologists and storytellers to collaborate better to create IoT native user experiences.

About John du Pre Gauntt

John du Pre Gauntt has performed custom research for some of the world's most influential media, technology and professional services brands through his company Media Dojo LLC. Starting as a business editor at The Economist Group, John has focused his industry and academic research on the impact of digital technologies on society, business and public policy. Representative clients include Ericsson, Morgan Stanley, NTT DoCoMo, PricewaterhouseCoopers and Sony. John's analysis of digital technology and marketing has appeared in The Economist Intelligence Unit, Oxford Economics, GigaOm, eMarketer and the World Economic Forum. He has presented research on digital publishing, electronic commerce and Internet trade policy at Harvard University, UC Berkeley, Columbia University, and The London School of Economics. Currently, John is a research fellow at the University of Washington, Seattle where his students are pioneering communication best practices for the Internet of Things. John earned a Master of Science in Information Systems with Distinction from the London School of Economics.

Twitter: @Media_Dojo

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