Joy Kesten

Sonic Pi on the Raspberry Pi

Date: This event took place live on July 07 2015

Presented by: Joy Kesten

Duration: Approximately 60 minutes.

Cost: Free

Questions? Please send email to


Sonic Pi is a tool for creating music by writing code. The application found at enables users to define their own sounds, rhythm and tone using a programming language and runs on the Raspberry Pi, Mac OS X, and Windows. Students can make ringtones, remix songs, and create new music, all while learning how to program.

This webcast is for teacher (camps or parents) who are looking to introduce programming to their class, or are already doing some HTML/CSS/JavaScript coding and want to break into other languages. Teachers will be exposed to the IDE, and be guided through several projects they could use to introduce Sonic Pi to students. Joy Kesten will present this webcast by working through the projects on

About Joy Kesten

Joy Kesten is a teacher, learner, programmer, and outdoor enthusiast. Currently she is teaching introductory courses for HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Digital Literacy for Treehouse. She also runs a website( that offers free supplementary resources for teachers to use in their classroom, including: project idea, lesson plans, jokes, news and more.

Twitter: @joykesten

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