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Preparing Your Site for Holidays and Major Events

Date: This event took place live on July 30 2015

Presented by: Gopal Brugalette, Tammy Everts

Duration: Approximately 60 minutes.

Cost: Free

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In this webinar, Gopal Brugalette of Nordstrom, and Tammy Everts of SOASTA explain how the different segments of an organization—business, product management and technology, come together to prepare a site for peak traffic.

They will discuss the inherent challenges and each group's contributions in addressing them. Strategies for load projections, testing, capacity planning and monitoring will be covered. They will also cover major misses in the past few years, so you can learn from them, and how Nordstrom turned to SOASTA to implement a solution that let them understand customer-perceived performance to obtain actionable data and meet expectations. You'll come away from this session with best practices for your own event readiness.

About Gopal Brugalette, Sr. Applied Architect, Performance Engineering—Nordstrom

Nuclear physicist, performance engineer, woodworker, farmer, and philosopher.

About Tammy Everts, Senior Researcher & Evangelist at Soasta

Tammy has spent the past two decades obsessed with the many factors that go into creating the best possible user experience. As a senior researcher and evangelist at SOASTA, she researches the technical, business, and human aspects of web/application performance shares her findings via countless blog posts, presentations, case studies, articles, and reports.