Ric Messier

Preparing for a network incident

Date: This event took place live on September 03 2015

Presented by: Ric Messier

Duration: Approximately 60 minutes.

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Headlines are filled with stories of businesses and agencies that have been breached. The FBI director has said there are two types of companies — those that have been breached and those that don't know it yet. Attacks against your business are inevitable. Are you prepared for when they happen? Have you taken steps to be able to determine that the breach has occurred so you aren't one of those companies where your adversary has been inside your perimeter for many years without your awareness? Make sure you are prepared with practical steps to not only protect yourself against attack but also to detect a breach once it's happened. Finally, how do you clean up to make sure the adversaries are out of your systems and network but that you have fixed the hole they managed to get in through? The talk will cover the following areas:

  • Preparing your defenses
  • Improving your visibility
  • Detecting the breach
  • Alerting and automation
  • Preparing your response
  • Clean up and feedback loops

About Ric Messier, Program Director of Champlain College online Cybersecurity program portfolio

Ric Messier (GSEC, CEH, CISSP) had his first experience on a global network called the BITNET in the early 1980s. Since that time, he has been deeply involved in networking from small enterprises up to the largest Internet Service Providers. He has also got hooked on security at the same time as his experience on the BITNET, after unexpectedly exploiting a hole in a mail program on an IBM mainframe. Ric has also spent several years working on Voice Over IP solutions both at the network and the application level. His first experience with a forensic investigation was in the late 1990s and he has been involved periodically with investigations and incident response teams since then. While working at Genuity, a Tier 1 ISP in the late 1990s and early 2000s, he had regular interaction with law enforcement on their investigations. Ric was the security lead for a team of professionals working on a next generation data center at Genuity. He also lead a team developing a managed intrusion detection system offering at Genuity. After Genuity was acquired by Level 3 Communications, he provided security expertise to the implementation and use of session border controllers in their VoIP network. He spent several years performing penetration tests on the products of a leading VoIP products vendor. Ric is currently the Program Director for online Cybersecurity programs at Champlain College.

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