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Mirror Image

Improve Performance of Database-Backed Applications with a Geographically-Distributed Database

Date: This event took place live on September 10 2015

Presented by: Joe Lichtenberg, Don Pinto, Dominic Satur

Duration: Approximately 60 minutes.

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Today's online and mobile database-backed applications can experience geographically-dispersed, and often unpredictable traffic patterns. These types of traffic patterns make it difficult to achieve high levels of performance when the database layer, and the data, reside in a single location.

In this presentation, you will learn how new database technologies have made it practical to run replicated, active database servers in multiple locations around the world, delivering better performance for online traffic patterns.

Using case studies from Mirror Image, we'll explore how their implementation of the Couchbase Server NoSQL database into their geographically-dispersed Edge Computing service has increased performance of their customers' distributed online and mobile applications.

In this webcast you will learn:

  • When, and why a geographically-distributed database implementation is beneficial.
  • How the digital advertising company Flashtalking has implemented data onboarding and a server side GUID store to achieve more granular and accurate targeting, and why it requires a geographically-distributed database.
  • How Couchbase Server makes it practical to support multi-datacenter replication, and active-active database architectures.
  • Details explaining how Mirror Image implements Couchbase Server, and how they're using it to provide a fully-managed, geographically-distributed database-as-a-service offering.

About Dominic Satur, US Platform Director — Flashtalking

As US Platform Director at Flashtalking, Dominic's focus is to ensure the adserver meets the challenges of increasingly complex client requirements. Having worked for extended periods in Flashtalking's London, New York and Sydney offices, he has a broad knowledge of the platform and how it's used by clients globally. Prior to working at Flashtalking, Dominic worked Agency side in the ad technology division for three of the major agency groups; Omnicom, Publicis and Group M, specializing in vendor relationships and integrations.

About Don Pinto, Product Manager — Couchbase

Don Pinto is a Product Manager at Couchbase and is currently focused on advancing the server capabilities of Couchbase Server including Security. He is extremely passionate about data technology and in the past, has authored several articles on Couchbase Server including technical blogs and whitepapers. Prior to joining Couchbase, Don spent several years at IBM where he maintained the role of software developer in the DB2 information management group and most recently as a Program Manager on the SQL Server team at Microsoft. Don holds a Masters degree in Computer Science and a Bachelors degree in Computer Engineering from the University of Toronto, Canada.

About Joe Lichtenberg, Vice President, Edge Computing — Mirror Image Internet

Joe Lichtenberg is Vice President, Edge Computing, for Mirror Image. Mirror Image provides the only Dynamic Delivery Network, enabling businesses to implement and execute real-time online and mobile applications that serve worldwide requests with extreme throughput, delivering increased competitive differentiation, faster speed-to-market, proven performance and reliability, and demonstrable ROI.