Rob van der LeekŽeljko Obrenović

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Software Improvement Group

Building maintainable software for sustainable business growth: 8 best practices

Date: This event took place live on September 30 2015

Presented by: Rob van der Leek, Željko Obrenović

Duration: Approximately 60 minutes.

Cost: Free

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Why is it that you love writing new code but hate maintaining old code? Over the years, we've seen many developers struggle with code that's almost impossible to change. Not only does this turn the maintenance of existing systems into a nightmare—it can lead to failed projects for new systems.

If you want your software to be a true example of craftsmanship that can stand the test of time, you have to make sure its code is maintainable from the very beginning of the project.

In this webcast, two expert software analysts share a scientifically founded method to measure the maintainability of code. With a metrics-based model, they take a firm stand on the controversial topic of what maintainable code actually is. You'll learn eight best-practice development guidelines based on those metrics through hands-on code examples from real-world systems.

The presenters analyzed hundreds of software systems across many industry domains and are experienced software developers themselves. This webcast will show you concrete steps that you and your team can take toward creating maintainable software.

What you can expect to learn in this webcast:

  • What is maintainable code
  • Why maintainable code is important for sustainable business growth
  • How maintainability can be measured

About Rob van der Leek, Senior Consultant — Software Improvement Group

After obtaining an MSc degree in Software Engineering from Delft University of Technology in 2005, Rob joined SIG as a software quality consultant. Working at SIG is for Rob the closest thing to being a software doctor. In his role as a consultant, he combines his thorough technical knowledge on software engineering and software technologies to advise clients how to keep their systems in shape. In addition to being a consultant, Rob fulfills a leading role in SIG's internal development team. This team develops and maintains the company's software-analysis tooling. It's Rob's ambition to leave the IT industry a bit better than he found it.

About Željko Obrenović, Principal Consultant — Software Improvement Group

Željko Obrenović is an experienced practitioner, researcher, and teacher. He currently works as a principal consultant at Software Improvement Group (SIG). SIG conducts detailed technical analyses of software-intensive systems, translating technical findings into actionable advice for management. Before joining SIG, Željko worked as a consultant at Backbase, an assistant professor at the Technical University in Eindhoven, and as a researcher at CWI in Amsterdam. He is a member of IEEE Software Advisory board and writes regularly about software and interaction design.