Steve Pember

Groovy Options for Reactive Programming

Date: This event took place live on November 17 2015

Presented by: Steve Pember

Duration: Approximately 90 minutes.

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Reactive applications and Reactive programming are an alternative to the standard thread-based imperative programming model that can result in flexible, concise code. The Reactive approach has gained popularity recently for one simple reason: we need alternative designs and architectures to meet today's demands. However, it can be difficult to shift one's mind to think in Reactive terms. It doesn't help that the descriptions around the web can be contradictory and library documentation can be obscure.

In this webcast, we'll explore the varying definitions of Reactive and Reactive Programming. We'll dive into the key concepts of Reactive Streams and examine some sample implementations - including how we're currently using Reactive libraries in production code. Most importantly, we'll look at some of the open source options available to us in the Groovy community, including Reactor, RxJava, and Ratpack. If Reactive is new to you, this should be an excellent introduction.

About Steve Pember

Steve Pember is currently the CTO of ThirdChannel - a startup in Boston, MA - which crowdsources data from thousands of people through their smart phones and then presents that data through visualization and analytic tools in order to improve the operations of large product companies. He is responsible for designing and building a Reactive, Event-driven Microservice platform.

He is formally a Principal Consultant with Cantina - a technology agency in Boston, MA, USA - where he helped a variety of clients utilize the forefront in web technologies to construct top-notch experiences. His passion lies in architecting and developing performant, scalable, full-stack systems for the web. Twitter: @svpember