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Reporting for Roomlia Using N1QL, The Query Language for NoSQL

Date: This event took place live on November 05 2015

Presented by: Vince Valenti, Keshav Murthy

Duration: Approximately 60 minutes.

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Reporting is paramount to enterprises. Having the ability to access any dataset to generate ad-hoc reports improves your ability to accrue actionable insights from massive amounts of data collected.

Roomlia, one of the biggest disruptors in the hotel booking space, needed a backend that would provide a fast, friendly user experience for their mobile users and the ability to quickly generate operational and analytical reports. With dynamic query capabilities, high performance and extreme scalability, the Roomlia team selected Couchbase to power its application and provide that essential reporting.

Join Vince Valenti, CTO Roomlia as he discusses how Roomlia is using the Couchbase query language N1QL to dynamically extract data directly from Couchbase with less developer intervention.

About Vince Valenti, CTO Roomlia

Vince Valenti has been programming, developing and coordinating computer products for over 30 years. Vince has an intimate understating of full product development and has programmed in dozens of languages, some of which include: Assembly, Basic, C, C++, C#, Java, JavaScript, HTML, JQuery, PHP and AS3. He has been involved and driven development on projects for major gaming companies including: SHFL Inc., Electronic Arts, and Bandai Namco. Vince joined Roomlia in 2013 as Chief Technology Officer leading the architecture and development of both the front-end app and the back-end system.

About Keshav Murthy, Director of Query — Couchbase

Keshav Murthy is the Director of Query at Couchbase. Previously, he was Senior Director of Product Management at MapR, Senior Architect for IBM Informix NoSQL & SQL with more than 20 years experience in database design & development. He lead the SQL and NoSQL query processing team IBM Informix database. Keshav has lead development of SQL and NoSQL products & features in Sybase, Illustra and Informix databases. Keshav has advised and enabled IBM clients and partners. He received two Outstanding Technical Achievement Awards at IBM. Keshav holds a Bachelors degree in Computer Science and Engineering from the University of Mysore, India.