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From Monoliths to Microservices: How Yelp Changed Operations with Metrics and Analytics

Date: This event took place live on October 29 2015

Presented by: Sam Eaton, Karthik Rau

Duration: Approximately 60 minutes.

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In most of the discussions about DevOps, microservices, and modern software patterns—the focus is invariably on architecture, configuration, and automation of the software build and deploy process. Very little time is spent on discussing the hard work of operating software when it's composed of many interacting services, built and run by many interacting teams, resulting in a level of complexity that's impossible to grasp.

Sam Eaton, Director of Operations at Yelp, will discuss the operational side of Yelp's transition to microservices:

  • How the operations team builds platforms for engineering teams
  • How every team has self-service access to creating, tracking, visualizing, analyzing, and alerting against their own metrics
  • How the operations team uses metrics and analytics to keep Yelp performing at its best

Karthik Rau, CEO and co-founder at SignalFx, will discuss how SignalFx was built for the operational world created by DevOps and microservices:

  • How analytics is the key to monitoring and optimizing performance throughout the stack
  • How to empower engineers to take ownership for the performance of their own code
  • How multi-dimensionality changes monitoring as we know it

About Karthik Rau, CEO & Co-Founder — SignalFx

Karthik Rau is the CEO and a founder of SignalFx. Before SignalFx, he held leadership positions as VP Product Management and Worldwide Marketing at VMware and most recently as VP Products and Engineering at Delphix. At VMware, Karthik served on the executive staff under Diane Greene and Paul Maritz and led product strategy during the company's growth into a multi-billion dollar business. Karthik received his BS and MS in Industrial Engineering from Stanford University, where he was a Terman Scholar and Mayfield Fellow. Karthik also serves on the Board of Directors of the San Francisco Opera.

About Sam Eaton, Director of Operations — Yelp

Sam Eaton is the Director of Engineering Operations at Yelp, where he's responsible for large scale infrastructure, providing reviews to millions of monthly unique visitors. He started his career in Systems Administration back in the early days of consumer internet providers in the UK, has managed large physical and cloud infrastructures for internet companies and major publishers, and has become a strong proponent of the DevOps approach to improving culture in technical organizations. He has presented at a number of DevOps conferences, and now lives and works in San Francisco.