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Using WebPageTest LIVE

Date: This event took place live on March 09 2016

Presented by: Andy Davies, Marcel Duran, Rick Viscomi

Duration: Approximately 60 minutes.

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Join the authors of Using WebPageTest cover the most popular topics of the book including:

  • Basic test configuration and analysis
  • Advanced scripting
  • Setting up a private instance
  • Using the API
  • and more!

Just like the book, this webcast will be appropriate for WebPageTest users new and old alike.

About Rick Viscomi - Web Developer, YouTube

Rick is a front end engineer focused on web performance, currently working at Google on the YouTube team.
Twitter: @rick_viscomi

About Andy Davies - Associate Director - Web Performance, NCC Group

Andy is Associate Director for Web Performance at NCC Group, working with clients to measure and improve the performance of their web sites. Twitter: @andydavies

About Marcel Duran - Web Performance Engineer, Google

Marcel is a web performance engineer at Google. He previously worked to speed up high traffic websites for Twitter and Yahoo! He was also the Front End Lead for Yahoo!'s Exceptional Performance Team where he open sourced YSlow. Marcel also spoke at the Velocity Conference and co-authored Web Performance Daybook Volume 2 (O'Reilly). Twitter: @marcelduran

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