Craig Smith

The Car Hacker’s Handbook: Reversing the CAN bus on Linux

Date: This event took place live on June 08 2016

Presented by: Craig Smith

Duration: Approximately 60 minutes.

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Modern cars are more computerized than ever. Infotainment and navigation systems, WiFi, automatic software updates, and other innovations aim to make driving more convenient. But vehicle technologies haven't kept pace with today's more hostile security environment, leaving millions vulnerable to attack.

Join Craig Smith, author of The Car Hacker's Handbook, in a hands-on webcast that will give you a deeper understanding of the computer systems and embedded software in modern vehicles. Craig provides detailed explanations of communications over the CAN bus and between devices and systems, examines vulnerabilities, and concludes with a short Q&A. If time permits, Craig will give a quick demo of UDSim and ISO-TP.

In this webcast, you will learn:

  • CAN packet layouts
  • Linux CAN utilities
  • CAN sniffing techniques
  • How to use ICSim to reverse door locks, turn signals, and the speedometer

About Craig Smith

Craig Smith is the author of The Car Hacker's Handbook and the founder of Open Garages, a community of performance tuners, mechanics, security researchers, and artists. Professionally, Craig is a security researcher who specializes in both hardware and software reverse engineering. He has been working with the auto industry and tier suppliers for the last five years. Twitter: @opengarages

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